Über Uns

“You have to go your own way if you want to make sure no one can overtake you.”

“It is now general knowledge that companies need to be creatively active when it comes to developing a positive brand identity, both within the company and without.” The secret lies in answering the question HOW. This is precisely what Thomas Bene is doing at his agency, SixDegrees, a platform for brands, architecture and design.

The “godfather” of SixDegrees is the book Six Degrees of Separation by the American author John Guare. The theory he postulates in his book is that everyone is connected to every other person in our big, wide world by a chain of six steps or less. We live in a social network that, if used properly, can create infinite opportunities and contacts. And these “six degrees of separation” apply to all aspects of our lives, including a successful business life. Thomas Bene drew his inspiration for SixDegrees from this theory, and he is showing that networking, properly implemented, works in practice.

The name says it all.

Thomas Bene was inspired by his large network in the areas of architecture, design, entertainment, interior design, art, fashion and music. All of these segments ultimately lead to a homogenous concept that can be experienced in spatial terms, custom-tailored to a company’s character, brand and product philosophy.

What’s special about SixDegrees is that the path doesn’t end with just the concept alone; the idea is also implemented in intensive collaboration with highly skilled specialists and artisans. To experience the full power of corporate architecture as a means of communication, every architectonic detail (room structure, materials, surfaces, lighting, furniture and accessories) must fit into the overall concept.

Leave your competition behind and lead your brand and your company down your own path. SixDegrees would be pleased to guide you along the way!